September 2019 Updates to JOTR

Greetings all:

The latest updates are in for JOTR. I've added over 3000 episodes and several new shows. Look below for the comprehensive list of new shows. Remember, if you'd like to see a favorite show, post to our Show Request forum. If it's available in the public domain, I will try to add it to Johnnie's Old Time Radio.

Another new update is the ad supported version of JOTR is available. Upkeep of the website and the time it takes to update the JOTR hasn't reached an even level yet, but maybe one day. In other words, more is going out than coming in and maybe ads will help the cause. A big thank you to everyone that purchased the paid version and another big thank you to those downloading the ad supported version. Please let me know what you want to hear. You can also email me at

New Shows in version 6.5:


Father Knows Best
Ozzie And Harriet
The Life Of Riley

Science Fiction:
Flash Gordon
Scifi Radio
The Green Hornet

Adventures By Morse
Adventures of Dick Cole
Bold Venture
Boston Blackie
CBS Radio Mystery Theater
Dangerous Assignment
Duffy's Tavern
Mr And Mrs North
Quiet Place
The Lives of Harry Lime

Have Gun Will Travel

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